Fabulous foodie fun - Australian Mushroom Growers

Fabulous foodie fun


Australian Mushroom Growers support Pink at Blue Diamond


A group of fabulous foodies gathered recently at the Blue Diamond function centre in Melbourne to help Australian Mushroom Growers support the fight against breast cancer and also to sample some scrumptious food, made with mushrooms, of course.

We were thrilled to hear that Australian Mushroom Growers have donated lots of money to charities involved in Breast Cancer Awareness Month and Pink Ribbon Day.

Enjoy asparagus spears

Asparagus spears are here!

Spring is here and so are beautifully crisp asparagus spears!

Visit your supermarket or greengrocer and choose your favourite variety of asparagus to cook a range of healthy and delicious dishes.

We are all familiar with green asparagus, but do you know that there are also white and purple varieties?

Visit www.asparagus.com.au, the website of the Australian Asparagus Council to find out more, but here's a taster.


Asparagus tips

Good Buys

Good buys

Essenzza’s Natural Facial Cleansing Wipes

You know how it is when you are travelling.

You want to maintain your regular beauty and skin care routine, but without bringing a heap of products to clutter up your luggage.

During my recent trip overseas I found the recently launched Essenza natural facial cleansing wipes very handy and easy to use.

The Fat Duck opens at Crown

The Fat Duck opens at Crown

Acclaimed chef Heston Blumenthal says he is utterly humbled by Australia's response to the news that The Fat Duck would be nesting in Melbourne for six months.

The Fat Duck at Crown Tower Resorts will open on February 3, 2015 and in order to accommodate demand in the most equitable way, a ballot process will be used for all reservations.

Anyone – anywhere in the world – who would like to make a reservation at The Fat Duck in Melbourne will need to register for the ballot system.

Good Buys

Good Buys

Spoonfed savoury jams

If you're looking for something different to complement your meals, try the new range of Spoonfed savoury jams.

Proudly Australian-made by Spoonfed Foods, the jams have a thick, chunky consistency which I like and are available in seven delicious varieties, including Garlic Jam, Winemakers Jam, Snag Jam, Hot Jam, Lamb Jam, Ham Jam and Pork Jam.

I loved the Hot Jam, chockful of herbs and chilli, and it was the perfect foil for our T bone steak and at another meal, grilled chicken.

Royal Melbourne Show 2014

Royal Melbourne Show 2014

This year's Royal Melbourne Show will be from Saturday, 20 September to Wednesday, 1 October at the Melbourne Showgrounds.

If you think the show is only about showbags and rides, think again.

There's plenty to see and do for all the family, including lots of food, cooking demonstrations and more.

Visit the demonstration stage where the young guns of the restaurant arena will be strutting their stuff every hour on the hour at the Tastes of Victoria Pavilion main stage.

Wok Diary September and October 2014

Wok diary September and October 2014


A Wok on the Wild Side fans may be wondering about the absence of new postings from me for a while.

No, I haven't gone into hiding. My ability to type and post news, recipes and photos was severely affected when I broke my upper left arm in Penang, Malaysia, at the end of July.

It had to be the humerus, one has to laugh!

George Town Festival

George Town Festival, Penang

I must admit that I hadn't visited Penang in Malaysia until 2013, but I fell in love with the beautiful island immediately.

Its tranquil beaches, gorgeous food and friendly people made me want to re-visit and rediscover more of Penang than I did in the few days we were there.

June 2014 newsletter

June 2014 newsletter

Fancy relaxing in a tropical retreat in the middle of Melbourne's winter?
Drop in at QV's warm oasis at QV Square from now until June 27.

Forget the price of an airline ticket to a beach resort, just kick off your heels at QV's resort sanctuary and join in the fun!

Looking for all the world like a beach resort, complete with thatched roof and tropical plants, the resort invites everyone to escape the winter chill and sip a mocktail or two in its warm ambience.

Join Ida at CAE Melbourne and learn basic wok techniques

Courses at CAE Melbourne

Basic wok techniques: stir fry, steaming and boiling

Chef Ida Chionh shows you how to take care of and fully utilise your Wok, while showcasing some fabulous dishes and various cooking techniques, including stir fry, steaming and boiling.

Ida creates stir fried beef and snow peas, deep fried prawn fritters with wasabi sauce, chicken curry, Chinese style steamed fish and vegetarian fried rice.


Centre for Adult Education, 253 Flinders Lane, Melbourne


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