Wok Diary September and October 2014

Wok diary September and October 2014


A Wok on the Wild Side fans may be wondering about the absence of new postings from me for a while.

No, I haven't gone into hiding. My ability to type and post news, recipes and photos was severely affected when I broke my upper left arm in Penang, Malaysia, at the end of July.

It had to be the humerus, one has to laugh!

Without boring anyone with too many details, it was an unfortunate case of me tripping while hurrying to a shopping centre and falling on my left arm, which broke in a number of places.

After an ardous and uncomfortable flight back to Melbourne, I hardly had time for jet lag and was whisked to hospital for surgery to repair the damage.

Now it is on the mend, slowly but surely, and I will be posting new items and everything you want to read about food, travel, books and more.

Do visit the website often, I will post new items when I can and thank you for your patience.

Many thanks also to all the airline and hotel staff who assisted me and especially the wonderful doctors and medical staff, both in Penang and Melbourne who treated me with care and professionalism.

Thank you to all friends and well wishers for their support.

As always, bon appetit and keep wokking!