Pork Star dinner at Hare and Grace

Monday, February 18, 2013 was a night to remember at chef-owner Ray Capaldi's Hare and Grace restaurant.

It was the annual Pork Star dinner for chefs and food media and we expected no less than a magnificent meal from the talented and innovative Ray.

Guests mingled on the terrace on the balmy evening, while munching crisp pork rind nachos draped with chilli and cheese, while we cooled our palates with a Skimstone Sangiovese Rose.

Dinner awaited at the uber cool dining room with its very interesting ceiling fixtures. Check it out and you'll see what I mean.

The amuse bouche of potato doughnuts topped with pork floss and pork curd were certainly different, but absolutely delicious, crisp, soft and flavoursome at the same time.

The entree was an exciting composite of smoked hock, eggplant faux gras (not foie) topped with oyster cream. Yummylicious!

Still on the theme of pork for mains, this time it partnered mushrooms dressed with coffee, parmesan and fermented greens. I'll have to ask Raymond what inspires him to create the culinary masterpieces that showcase the versatility of Australian Pork so well.

Would you believe that dessert also had a touch of pork?

The spiced apple and chocolate delight had just a scattering of delectable black pudding crumbs, so moreish.

I eschewed my usual coffee and finished off with a ham tea and lemon and pork biscuits.

A most delectable evening at Hare and Grace.

Sponsors included Skimstone, James Squire and Costella mineral water.

Hare and Grace is at 525 Collins St, Melbourne.





The sexy invite to Australian Pork's VIP dinner at Hare and Grace.
Pork rind nachos were an innovative canape.
Guests Chris Badenoch and Julie Jenkins of Josie Bones
Renowned chefs Gabriel Gate and Greg Malouf.
The potato doughnut amuse bouche, with pork floss and pork curd.
Ray Capaldi putting the finishing touches on a dish.
What a delectable main course! Pork with mushrooms, coffee, parmesan and fermented greens.
Mitch Edwards and Ray Capaldi extolling the virtues of cooking and eating Australian Pork.
Australian Pork aficionados. From left, Kylie Roberts, Tami McAdam, Gabriel Gate and Stewart White.
Hare and Grace's tireless kitchen team.