Mother's Day 2022

Mother's day 2022

Happy Mother's Day to all mums, grandmas, stepmoms, adoptive mums and mums-in-law.

If you've been fortunate to have had a grandmother or two or a grandma figure in your lives, you probably had a wonderful childhood.

My cousin Josephine Chua remembers her grandmother fondly.

"It must have been difficult for Mak to run a household of 11 children and three servants to help, but she came through with flying colours," she reminisced.

"I was the one among my cousins to break the ice by hugging her and l loved watching her dimpled smile beaming at me.

"Every afternoon she would sit and sew floor rugs to be given to her children during the Chinese New Year.

Jo explained that Mak was very talented in stitch work with yarns, threads and beads, leaving the legacy of her artistic creations for Jo to continue.

"To this day I think of her each time I create a new piece of embroidery.

"I love my Mak to bits and memories of her are still so sweet and precious to me," she said.

My friend Teresa Twine became a grandmother for the second time recently and she is over the moon.

"Becoming a grandmother is an experience you cannot describe until you become one.

"Other grandparents tell you – it is a love you have never known – and you don't understand that, until that little person is born and you become someone you haven't been before.

"A grandparent."

Teresa added, "Of course our children are our world and we love and adore them unconditionally, but when your baby has a baby, it is a whole new experience!"

"We have the time to enjoy every moment of their growth, learning and discovery and it feels so special."

My Mama, could be strict disciplinarian, as well as an indulgent and loving grandma, according to how we behaved.

She was always impeccably dressed and demanded only the best toiletries she could afford, such as Yardley's lavender soap and 4711 cologne.

She always had her sewing and knitting basket with her and when she stayed with us, she once took a piece of pink satin and sewed it around the broom handle, turning something functional into a decorative item.

She sewed the most beautiful dresses, complete with buttons and lace, for my dolls.

Her favourite phrase when she thought someone was behaving badly, was, "Go back to school!"

It didn't matter if it was a child or an adult, the admonishment was always the same.

She loved helping others and my grandpa nicknamed her Lady Bountiful.

When one of her neighbours fell ill after childbirth, because she couldn't afford nutritious food, Grandma cooked delicious soups and delivered them to her daily.

Nothing was too difficult or expensive if you were her grandchild and we, of course, enjoyed the gifts she showered on us.

On my birthday one year she showed up with a huge box, which contained a doll's pram.

Grandma had even sewed a little mattress and pillow for my favourite doll.

Wow, all the neighbours' kids wanted to be my friend, so that they could take turns pushing the pram. If I allowed them to.

We love you, Grandmas!