Mother's Day 2019

Mother's Day 2019

"No language can express the power and beauty and heroism of a mother's love," said Edward Chapin, whose mother loved him dearly.

When I think of my Mum, memories of an idyllic childhood caress me like the cool sea breezes of the beach she brought me to when I was a child growing up in Singapore.

If Mum said we were going to Marine Parade that afternoon I would wolf down my lunch, complete my homework speedily and look for my spade and bucket.

Mum would have prepared a picnic tea, with warm Milo in a flask, biscuits or cakes that she had baked while I was at school and her famous blancmange in star-shaped moulds.

As afternoons in Singapore were hot and humid, we would hail a trishaw to take us to the beach. Mum and my sister would sit on the trishaw bench, my nephew Harold and I would sit on their laps and our maid would sit on the floor.

Thus loaded, or overloaded, we travelled to the beach, with the poor trishaw rider pedalling furiously to transport us.

We children spent happy hours swimming, building sandcastles, paddling in the water and just having a good time.

The much-anticipated picnic tea always tasted so much better eaten next to the waves and when our hands got sticky from the cakes and blancmange, we just rinsed them in the sea water.

Then it was a reluctant farewell to our beloved beach when we had to pack up and take a slow stroll back home because the sun was setting and it was cooler.

Those are my happiest memories of my time spent with Mum and I'll cherish them forever.

Lunch with Mum at Nazaaray Estate Winery

Treat Mum to lunch with a difference at Nazaaray Estate Winery in Flinders.

Enjoy an all-you-can-eat buffet for $70 per person (children's prices available) and try matching single vineyard, hand crafted wines with Indian food.

Dress up in Indian clothes (jewellery will be provided) and perhaps win a prize for the best dressed mother and daughter/son!

You can also meet award-winning winemaker Paramdeep and buy some vintage stock of Nazaaray wines.

Mother's Day lunch is at Nazaaray Estate Winery, 266 Meakins Rd, Flinders, Vic 3929 on Sunday, 12 May from noon to 2.30pm.

Bookings on 0416 143 439.

Give Mum a SPLID

Ever seen the episode in Seinfeld where George double dips a chip?


If you want a Mother's Day gift that is not only practical, but good-looking, SPLID, the spoon with a lid, is your answer.

Created by inventor Paul Mathis, SPLID has many applications. Mum can keep herbs and spices, coffee, tea leaves, salt, pepper and sugar in the jars with colourful lids that come with spoons attached.

You don't have to use a new spoon each time you use your condiments or herbs and the durable glass jars ensure that the ingredients are highly visible.

SPLID is also ideal for cafes, so coffee and tea drinkers need not dip into the sugar bowl, perhaps lick the spoon and then replace it in the bowl. Yuk.

Use SPLID. It's logical, unique and versatile.

Don't be like George and double dip. Use a SPLID to complement your kitchen or cafe.

For more information on how to buy SPLID, visit

You can also phone Paul on 0428 145 145

Cook for Mum with black garlic

Love showing off your culinary prowess to Mum on her special day?

Check out this new ingredient to add an interesting new flavour and taste to your cooking.

I tried Tolga Estate black garlic some time ago and was impressed with its sweetness, silky-mooth texture and fragrance.

Grown in the Atherton Tablelands in North Queensland, Tolga Estate black garlic is full of antioxidants and other nutritional benefits.

It can be enjoyed raw in a spread on toast or crackers, or cooked in a variety of dishes.

I especially enjoyed it in a quick stir-fry with beef and Chinese broccoli.

Fermentation and oxidisation processes transform ordinary garlic into extraordinarily versatile black garlic.

"The process causes the sugars and amino acids in the garlic to react, causing the bulbs to blacken and alter the chemical balance so that its positive impact is dramatically increased," general manager of Tolga Estate Lee Dore said.

For more information on how to order black garlic and recipe ideas, check out or phone Lee on 0406 810759.

Meanwhile, try this recipe for a Mother's Day breakfast with a difference.

Black garlic spread with sliced avocado and poached egg on sourdough

1 bulb Tolga Estate Australian black garlic

50ml vegetable stock

20g butter (room temperature)

salt and pepper to taste

1 large egg

1 tbsp. rice vinegar or mild-tasting vinegar

1 avocado

sourdough slices

Peel skins off black garlic. Add butter and stock and blend into a smooth texture. Pass through a sieve and season with salt and pepper to taste. Leave aside.

Heat a saucepan of water two thirds full and bring to the boil. Reduce heat to a brisk simmer (you should see bubbles rising to the surface).

Crack egg into a small cup (preferably a cup with a long handle).

Add vinegar to the water (optional for those who want a firmer, more ‘squeaky’ texture to the white).

Ease the egg from the cup into the water carefully. Cook for 4 minutes (or according to taste).

This will allow a firm white and a gooey, but still runny yolk.

Remove the egg from the water using a slotted spoon. Pat the egg dry (optional).

Remove the skin and pit of the avocado. Slice the avocado on the diagonal, length-wise or as desired.

Serve sourdough either fresh or toasted.

Spread the black garlic on the toast, place sliced avocado, then top with poached egg. Season with salt and pepper and enjoy immediately.

Happy Mother's Day!