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Marysville Patisserie and Cottages

WE were looking for our regular caffeine fix one afternoon in 2009 when we spotted Marysville Patisserie in Glenferrie Rd, Malvern.

``This looks interesting,'' I thought when we stepped in, only to be greeted by the familiar face of chef and owner Ashraf Doos.

I'd met Ashraf over 25 years ago when he was chef at the Hilton on the Park.

Egyptian-born, Ashraf had been cooking all over the world before he met his English-born wife Christine, also a chef, in Australia.

Together, they are a formidable team, who obviously complement each other's culinary prowess.

After cheffing in the leading hotels in Melbourne they struck out and ventured into their own business, a patisserie in the bucolic town of Marysville where they cooked with love while raising their two sons, Chris and Jason.

Marysville Patisserie was a hit from day one, a favourite with both locals and tourists, who loved the homemade fudge and exquisite pastries.

They spent 10 happy years there.

Then Black Saturday happened in February 2009 and the Doos family escaped with just the clothes on their backs.

``The patisserie was completely destroyed, but the family was still together and for that I am forever grateful,'' Ashraf said.

In shock, they wondered what to do next and pondered their future.

``After surviving hell, we learnt to think positive and I needed to do something to take my mind off our predicament.

``So we opened Marysville Patisserie in Malvern which gave us something to do and a reason to get up in the morning,'' he smiled.

Again it was a hit once the lunch and coffee crowds discovered it.

I remember lunching on the delectable corned beef and quiches and of course, the divine desserts.

``But our hearts were always in Marysville and we were always going to come back.

``On Sundays we'd pack the car and drive all the way back,'' he said.

So when we missed the food and coffee in Malvern, we decided to drive two hours to the rebuilt Marysville Patisserie, just to say hello and enjoy a late lunch.

``Look at me, I'm so relaxed. I'm home now,'' a beaming Ashraf said, with Christine smiling serenely in the background.

The locals welcomed them back with open arms, especially Helen, who comes in regularly for her favourite Devonshire tea or cappucino.

Helen was evacuated at the same time as Ashraf and his family and was in her car, driving in front of them on that terrible day.

Not only have Ashraf and Christine moved on from that devastating day, but they have also expanded the premises, adding two bed and breakfast cottages to the patisserie, restaurant, bar and shop.

``We'd love everyone to visit,'' he says, ``especially now the snow season is about to start.

``There are many attractions nearby, skiing, trout fishing, walking and exploring Bruno’s Sculpture Garden.''

Why not experience the breathtaking Lake Mountain or take a 10-minute drive to the spectacular Steavenson's Falls?

We weren't up to much exploring after indulging in a scrumptious salmon and leek quiche with a decadent chocolate tart and coffee to follow, so we made a mental note to visit earlier in the day next time and perhaps spend the night as well.

That would give us ample time to sip a glass of wine or three on our own private veranda overlooking tranquil O’Leary’s creek.

The cottages have all the comforts of home and more and are ideal for romantic getaways or a weekend with friends.

Book now before it gets really busy for the snow season.

Go to Marysville Patisserie and Cottages for a beautiful dining experience and a well-deserved break.

Marysville Patisserie and Cottages

7 Falls Rd
Marysville, Victoria 3779

About 2 hours drive from CBD

Phone Christine 0400 596 336
Or Ashraf 0430 796 693

Details: http://marysvillepatisserie.com.au




Marysville Patisserie
O'Leary's Creek near Marysville Patisserie
Christine, Ashraf and Ida at the patisserie
Leek and salmon quiche with salad
Chocolate tart
Rustic timber benches