Good Buys

Good Buys

Spoonfed savoury jams

If you're looking for something different to complement your meals, try the new range of Spoonfed savoury jams.

Proudly Australian-made by Spoonfed Foods, the jams have a thick, chunky consistency which I like and are available in seven delicious varieties, including Garlic Jam, Winemakers Jam, Snag Jam, Hot Jam, Lamb Jam, Ham Jam and Pork Jam.

I loved the Hot Jam, chockful of herbs and chilli, and it was the perfect foil for our T bone steak and at another meal, grilled chicken.

The ingredients are lovingly slow-cooked and finished with freshly chopped herbs, spices and lemon zest to achieve a complexity of flavour.

No more runny or watery chutneys and I also like the fact that they are not overly sweet.

Try the jams with recipes from the website or enjoy a dollop with cheese and crackers, yum!

They are all gluten free with no added presevatives.

Spoonfed savoury jams are available at gourmet grocers, delis and butchers, as well as at Harris Farm, Thomas Dux, David Jones and online at – RRP $12.99 each.

So think beyond tomato sauce and mustard at your next barbecue, try Spoonfed savoury jams.